Years Of Experience

Who We Are - Insurance Processing Made Easy

In a seamless world, the flow of your business should be rewardingly effortless. And when it comes to the world of insurance processing, your business deserves to have support services that are unhindered and unstoppable.

The world is changing rapidly. No industry has to respond faster to the evolving scenario than the insurance industry. The insurance industry is one of the most aggressive markets with relentless technological changes, changing regulations, and yet is highly dependent on fostering amicable partnerships. We at Alza Business Solutions (ABS) know how insurance companies have to stay ahead in a competitive industry and we take the onus to support them in entirety.

With 17 years of experience in the industry, Alza is a specialized insurance back-office process outsourcing company. Our comprehensive solutions purposefully cater to the needs of Insurance Agents, Carriers, Brokers, and MGAs. Our focus is on property and casualty insurance and we put our best and fastest minds together to speed up your processing.

It's simple - our goal is not just to lessen your workload but to give you the space to maximize potential. When you need flexibility and energy to focus on envisioning the future, we step in to give you the foundation to grow. It's not just our superior support services but more than a decade's worth of dedicated insights that make us an obvious collaborative choice for any insurance-related business.

Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are equipped to handle all insurance-related projects with individual attention and dedication. Our veteran and dynamic management staff takes charge of making your business our business. Leave the finer details to us so that you can concentrate on the big picture.

What We Do

Our strength is our superlative technological expertise and we bring our strengths to the table. Your table, to be specific. If there is any aspect of property and casualty insurance, we have got it covered - both personal and commercial. This includes:

  • Actuarial Services
  • New Business
  • Renewals
  • Policy Administration
  • Claims
  • Customer Service

It isn't only the actual functionalities and itemized services we offer that make us stand apart. When we take over your backend services, we take pride in seeing it translate into quantitative productivity. Our collaborators always get the Alza Advantage, which means :

  • Standardized workflows
  • Enhanced flow of processing and reduced policy processing costs
  • Sizeable cost reduction in approval and issuance of insurance policies
  • Streamlined efficiency and consistency in operations
  • Rise in profitability and market responsiveness
  • Quicker turnaround time
  • Round-the-clock support and responsive customer service
  • Augmented top-line revenue
  • Considerable scalability for business growth
  • Less employee overload
  • Heightened customer satisfaction
  • Retention and positive impact on potential and existing clients in the long-term