Services for Insurance Agencies

Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. That's the bottom line when it comes to choosing to outsource your back office to us. In a soft market with lesser margins, an agency needs to concentrate on maximizing all channels for profitable growth and developing better interpersonal relationships with their clients. Leaving the automated processes to us makes this possible.

We offer various portfolio management services for insurance brokers dealing in Property and Casualty (P&C) insurance.

Insurance Quote Summary

Our team is not just highly experienced and qualified but adroit at real-time quoting and summarizing, as per the client requirements. We include Carrier Financial Ratings for every quote summary.

Insurance Claims Administration

We provide the routine services of claim investigations, interpretation, application of appropriate governing compliance standards and fraud prevention policy provisions.

Certificate of Insurance (COI)

Speed and accuracy are our buzzwords when it comes to receiving and issuing certificates of insurance. We effectively handle third-party communication and the processing of revised certificates after policy renewals.

Document Indexing & Filing

Document indexing and filing can be a tedious and error-prone procedure, subject to human fallibility. Our expertise at systematic documentation and filing as per naming conventions ensures ease of searching and editing.

Loss Run Processing

Time is the most valuable commodity when it comes to the insurance industry. We procure loss run requests from previous insurance carriers and provide loss run data promptly during policy renewals. Prior to the claims report preparation, our team analyzes the loss run data, sends it to underwriters, and notifies them in case the loss run data is missing.

Policy Checking

The policy checking process is at the heart of an insurance agency. We work hard to ensure swiftness and accuracy, perusing all policy documents thoroughly. Deviations, if any, are recorded, then reported to the insurance carriers, and a request for a revised policy document is made. Ultimately, a final, variance-free policy document is produced.

Insurance Renewal Exposure Summary

We keep track of policy renewals and send out timely renewal reminders. We also help in receiving renewal requests and communicating with insurance carriers regarding the same. This ensures that if there are any adjustments in a policy, they are duly incorporated in the policy before renewal.

Insurance Agency Management Services

Insurance agency management is a domain that necessitates a huge roster of tasks. Our immense experience here includes insurance policy management services, new business services, insurance commissions management, insurance reporting, insurance claims data entry, insurance claims management, insurance accounting services, and insurance legal services, amidst others.