Services for Managing General Agents

A Managing General Agent (MGAs) role in an insurance firm is a challenging one. It comprises the demanding tasks of selling, underwriting, and servicing. Moreover, an MGAs has to have an astute understanding of market demands and an ability to design appropriate programs. We know what it takes and how we can make it less burdensome.

While an MGAs goal is to tailor-make an insurance solution to suit his client's needs, it can become taxing to handle. Leave the administrative processes to Alza to regain the time and energy to focus on what really matters - successfully engaging with your client.

The MGAs on Alza's team has valuable experience in underwriting and help streamline your insurance back-office process, thereby contributing to a detailed insurance policy document. They join forces with your in-house underwriters to ensure that all the specifications related to policy issuance, insurance coverage, and customer details are flawless.

We are skilled at new/varied processing systems required to complete the issuance process and smoothly follow written and verbal instructions for a perfect finish. 

    Utilize our vast list of services intended for MGAs:

  • Precise issuance and servicing of policies for specified lines of business for multiple carriers. We contribute technical and clerical support to binding units as well
  • Supervising timeliness and accuracy of company-issued policies
  • Supervising timeliness and accuracy of company-issued policies
  • Assisting branch/binding units with grievance resolution
  • Providing insurance company personnel, MGAs, retail agents and brokers with professional, courteous, and rapid customer service in accordance with industry standards
  • Updating documentation (if needed), and consistently meeting with individual, department, and team SLAs
  • Following up on missing information within appropriate timelines
  • Reviewing and monitoring company-issued policies and other clerical support as needed by underwriting staff and management.
  • Additional services such as marketing, premium collection, underwriting, data processing / data entry, binding, loss control, policy issuance, and claims management.